How to Play in a Tournament

Open the AfterWorkPoker.com client and login. After logging in, select the state of the tournament you wish to view from within the selected game. To view the tournaments that are ready for joining, select the Registering tab. For example: Click, Hold’Em, then click, Registering Tournaments.

You will now be viewing all tournaments that are available to register for at this time. To join a game, simply double click on any game to get to the Registering Lobby.

Once you are inside the Registering Lobby, you will notice a button in the lower right hand corner that says “Register Now”. Click this button if you wish to join the tournament. If you have not already logged in, this button will appear as a login button. You must be logged in to register.

After clicking the Register for Tournament button, you will be prompted with a window asking you to provide a form of payment in order to enter the tournament. In most cases, this payment method is cash, but in certain circumstances you will also find you can enter using POP, Treasure, Promobucks, and even Play Money!

Select your payment method, and click ok.

After clicking ok, your name will be added to the list of registered players and you need simply wait for the tournament to start. If at any point before the tournament begins you wish to unregister, you are free to do so by clicking the unregister button at the bottom left of the tournament lobby. If you choose to unregister your tournament fee will be automatically refunded.

Author Since: Dec 15, 2019